Enter the dimensions or the area you wish to cover. Then enter the thickness or depth you wish to have.

The depth is important, too thin a layer will quickly compact or disperse, depending on the aggregate used; too thick will be hard to walk on and difficult to keep level.

Length (metres)


Width (metres)

Depth of Aggregate (cm)
Handy packs usually contain around 20kg of aggregate. A bulk bag is approx. 0.65 cubic metre, weight varies depending on contents



Click here to se our range of bulk bags and to buy online for collection or for nationwide delivery.

Please consider this widget will only give a rough guide to how much product you'll need. The calculation is based on the area being truly rectangular, which it probably isn't. It does not allow for settling and compression of the product. In short, we accept no responsibility for the results of this form, we only provide it for use as a guide.

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